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Alessandro Alessi
Alejandro Alessi
Food Service S.A. a company that offers hotel business, gastronomy and catering services, supported by more than forty years of experience.

Throughout the years it has been offering its services to prestigious companies, which has given it highly positive results.
Since the beginning, it has been concerned about providing a high quality service orientated to international category. For this reason, the staff which is part of the organization is really important; as it is known, high levels of individual quality contribute to high quality levels in each of the areas at the company. These level areas promote superior services, which lead to a quality system that influences the whole company.
One of the facts which show the importance of this aspect for our staff is that the service is totally guaranteed. In this way the steady growth, training, service quality and customer´s satisfaction form the essential pillars of this company.

Mission: Our mission is to provide hotel business, gastronomy and high quality catering service along the Argentine Republic and in any part of the world, in a safe and trustworthy way with cost effectiveness and environmental responsibility.
Nowadays, Food Service S.A is a company with significant influence and strength within the industry.


Vision: To be well-known by our customers and the general public as the best gastronomy service supplier in the Argentinian Patagonia and as a leader in the overhaul of the sector.


- Zero accident.
- Zero environmental pollution.
- Zero damage to health and property.
- Zero infectious and contagious diseases.

Aguado 2090
Neuquén Capital (8300) / ARG

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